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Lucy Churchill - about my work


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My sculpture is influenced by my background in museums, and the skills learned as a restoration carver.

Before training as a stone carver I worked in art administration;  at the Metropolitan Museum in New York, and in London at the Crafts Council, the British Museum and Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood.  This contact with high quality artefacts set a standard which I aim towards in my own work.

Having studied Restoration Stone Carving at the City & Guilds of London Art School I was apprenticed and employed by some of the best contemporary British craftspeople;  David Kindersley, Dick Reid, Rattee and Ketts, and The Carving Workshop.  This gave me a rigorous grounding in carving, masonry, and lettercutting skills, and instilled in me an attention to fine detail. 

My work demonstrates a close knowledge of a range of historical styles and techniques, combined with an appreciation of modern sculptural abstraction. Line and form are used to express emotion, and I seek to imbue each piece with a sense of warmth and humanity.

I live with Daniel Jeffares, two children and a hamster.

About my Stone Carving Workshops

I run very enjoyable and instructive carving classes -suitable for beginners and people with experience. I will guide you how to sculpt whatever you have in mind. After three days tuition you'll have picked up enough skills to carry on carving on your own. Most of my students come back year after year because the classes are so much fun.

Topics covered within the course;

  • Tool use, and carving techniques
  • How to work in three-dimensions
  • What tools you will need, and where to buy them
  • How to sharpen your chisels
  • How to build a work bench
  • Where to locate stone
  • How you can develop your skills further


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